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I have been working in emergency services for 20 years and I enjoy serving the public. I have an eye for detail and I understand that buying a house is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. You deserve to know the details of your investment.  I work for the client and the client is my number one concern. I want to make sure you can rest at night knowing your house is safe.   

We Notice the Little Things


From the rooftop, to the basement, and everything in between, I will perform a thorough inspection; noticing the little things that you may not realize could become a major problem.  These "little" things could cost you big money and being aware of possible issues will allow you to be informed about what you are purchasing.

Know the facts of your house before you sign on the dotted line.


After the home inspection I will go through all the major components of your home with you.  I will be able to answer questions you have.  In addition, you will receive a detailed report along with pictures and explanations of all the findings. I will take my time going through your inspection because I understand how important your investment is to you.    

Our Services

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We provide detailed home inspections. 



Price is based on heated square footage of your living area, 

up to 2000 sq feet - $250.00

2001-3000  sq feet - $300.00

3001-4000  sq feet - $350.00

Water testing. 

Completed with inspection. - $ 140.00

Completed separately. -           $ 190.00



Repairs that are needed prior to purchasing  can have  a  re-inspection. We will complete a follow up inspection to make sure the repairs were done correctly.   

Re-inspection of the repairs completed.

$ 75.00


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